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  • (0 reviews) 281.585.5956 Tex-Mex, Mexican 106 S 3 St (0 reviews) 281.331.6612 Fast Food 1623 S Gordon St (1 review) 281.331.4993 Tex-Mex, Mexican 306 E House St (1 review) 281.331.7955 Burgers, Dessert / Ice Cream 25330 W Highway 6 (1 review) 281.331.1925 Tex-Mex, Mexican 410 S Gordon St (0 reviews) 281.331.2490 2625 Highway 35 Byp N (0 reviews) 281.331.5119 Tex-Mex, Mexican 2625 Highway 35 Bypass N (0 reviews) 281.331.8889 110 E Highway 6 (0 reviews) 281.585.9099 Pizza 1211 S Gordon St (1 review) 281.585.5046 American 2422 S Gordon St (0 reviews) 281.585.6073 American 406 E Highway 6 (0 reviews) 281.331.6009 Pizza 1215 S Gordon St (1 review) 281.388.0948 Southern 2601 Highway 35 Byp N (0 reviews) 281.388.1546 Doughnuts 1701 Fairway Dr (2 reviews) 281.585.8245 Fast Food, Burgers 1307 S Gordon St (0 reviews) 281.331.4491 Deli / Sandwiches 219 S

  • Taylor (0 reviews) 281.331.3500 Deli / Sandwiches, Fast Food 1591 E Highway 6 (0 reviews) 281.331.9821 Deli / Sandwiches, Fast Food 1311 S Gordon St (0 reviews) 281.585.3026 Fast Food, Tex-Mex, Mexican 1660 Hwy 35 Byp (0 reviews) 281.388.2238 Tex-Mex, Mexican 617 S Gordon St (2 reviews) 281.331.6262 Pizza, Italian 507 N Gordon St (0 reviews) 281.331.8731 Pizza 4725 Fm 2403 (1 review) 281.585.4184 Pizza, Seafood 216 S Gordon St (0 reviews) 281.331.7214 Fast Food, Burgers 2510 S Hwy 35 Bypass (1 review) 281.331.0717 Chinese 705 S Gordon St Show | restaurants on each page This area needs an editor

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  • 05/19/2006 03:32:05 PM | Pizza may yet become a legitimate fast lunch food (outside of urban areas that are blessed with an abundance of restaurants that sell it by the slice any time, day or night, of course)

    The $39 Experiment: Asking Random Companies for Free Stuff
    An ordinary man asks random companies for free stuff, and logs their responses.

  • Thanks well in advance, Tom Locke, sausage enthusiast Pretzels REJECTED! Told me 'no' — sent me nothing Dear Kim and/or Scott: I had one of your pretzels at a Border's bookstore, and I must say – it was great! It was a stuffed pizza one

  • info: PAPA JOHN 39 S PIZZA

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    The SCO Group v
    Full, uncommented text of original 6 March complaint, by plaintiff Caldera Systems,
    Inc., d/b/a The SCO Group, versus International Business Machines Corp.

  • The simplicity and power of this “UNIX on Intel” business model helped SCO grow rapidly.  SCO gained other large enterprise customers such as CitiGroup, K-Mart, Cendant, Target Stores, Texas Instruments, BMW, Walgreens, Merck, Sherwin Williams, Radio Shack, Auto Zone, British Petroleum, Papa John’s Pizza, Costco and many others.  32

    CNN - CNN - Is pizza-by-modem a necessary innovation ...

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: Is pizza-by-modem a necessary innovation? May 27, 1998 Web posted at: 12:30 PM EDT by Spencer Ante (IDG) -- In "The Net, " that forgettable 1995 movie about a lonely programmer whose identity is erased, Sandra Bullock orders a pizza via her computer

  • 'We think that by 2003 or 2005, we should be in a very good position to dominate the space.' Cybermeals, he says, is doing nothing less than 'creating a new industry.' But is this an industry worth creating? After all, few things are as easy as phoning up the local pizza parlor or Chinese restaurant

  • The trio founded a company called CyberSlice in May 1996 and started taking pizza orders later that year

  • 'We've been satisfied with the results, ' says Tom Kish, VP of information systems for Papa John's, the nation's fourth-largest pizza chain with more than 1, 600 restaurants

  • In San Francisco, Serrano's pizza parlor gets only a couple of orders a week from Cybermeals, according to owner George Correa

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  • () $$$ - 229 Newton Street - 781-891-0100 ( ) $$ - 195 School Street - 781-894-3339 () $$ - 987 Main Street - 781-899-3817 $$ - 16 Felton Street - 781-899-7200 ( ) $$$ - 888 Main Street - 781-894-2234 ( ) $$ - 286 Moody Street - 781-891-5857 (closed as of January 2006) $$$ - 16 Cooper Street - 781-647-5458 () (At this location until March 2002: ()) $ - 897 Main Street - 781-547-5888, 781-547-5885 () (Former site of Papa George's Pizza) $$ - 470 Main Street - 781-893-8993, 781-893-7887 $$$ - 361 Moody Street - 781-891-5486 [American Seafood, Italian] $$ - 699 Main Street - 781-899-7292 fax 781-899-7294 () (Closed as of April 2006

    City of Miamisburg, Ohio Web Guide
    Web guide on places to visit in the area and other information.

    Marshfield History
    Personal notes of Robert F. Cheeseman and a timeline from 1600 – 2000.

  • Stores and Business Hubbard’s Cupboard (Glen Hubbard, Al Khoury), Stedman’s Stores, Jim’s pizza shop, Buds and Toabe’s Hardware Stores, Reeds Ark, Butners and Finebergs Clothing Store, Jordan’s Pharmacy, Duca’s 5 and 10 store, Checker Board, Inn at Main and Ferry Street, Donut Shop next to Tot’s and Teens, Greens Ice Cream store at South River and Main Streets, Green Harbor General Store, The Fix It Shop next to the A&W Root Beer Stand

    1st Intern. Collection of Tongue Twisters - Italian
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  • Un pezzo di pizza che puzza nel pozzo del pazzo di pezza

  • A piece of pizza is stinking in the well of the madman of rags


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  • There will be heaps of giveaways thanks to Keypass, Juuce Hair Products, Rootratz, Vicious, Shock Reccords, Jelly Belly & much more! Want to promote for Lush? Or want more info then email SUBURBS EVENTS THIS HOLIDAYS: Rumours @ Caseys: Fridays June 16th & 30th Protein @ Volt: Thursdays June 22nd & 29th For more info or guestlist for either of these events email Attached Files (191.4 KB, 173 views) (174.3 KB, 181 views) 166 Replies | 3, 519 Views 23 May, 2006 - 7:39 PM - by SPECIAL GUEST PAULIE FROM FAT PIZZA After the outstanding of our first event with Rocky and Habib, dont miss out on your opportunity to get an autograph & picture with PAULIE at his exclusive live underage appearance

    Übersicht der Episoden und vergangener Ausstrahlungstermine der Serie, die auch
    als "Stacheldraht und Fersengeld" bekannt ist.

  • Pizza und Santa Lucia {Pizzeria Stalagnani} (The pizza parlor) - 23

    La Braderie - [Index]
    Vente de produits finis de marques pour grand public à prix discount. Offres pour
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  • MINI FOUR A PAIN : Un mini-four à pain qui mélange, pétrit, lève et cuit automatiquement pain, gâteau, pizza, cake et qui en plus vous permet de faire vos confitures

    Chihuahua - Chihuahua
    Nomenclatura, historia, medio físico, perfil sociodemográfico, infraestructura
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    Marshfield Massachusetts Business Directory
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    < cRoNoPiUs ------------- DiGiTaL -------------- >
    Sobre literatura, música y tecnología; clasificadas por un cronopio.

  • &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp escrito por cronopius miércoles, julio 05, 2006 El Gran Hermano - &iquestCiencia Ficción? &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ORDERING PIZZA IN 2008 &iquest “Oh, the times they are a changing…” ? Operator : Thank you for calling Pizza Hut

  • Customer : (sighs) Oh well — I'd like to order a couple of your All-Meat Special pizzas

  • Customer : What?!?! What do you recommend, then? Operator : You might try our low-fat Soybean Pizza

  • Customer : Never mind! Just send the pizzas

  • If you're in a hurry you might want to pick'em up while you're out getting the cash, but then, carrying pizzas on a motorcycle can be a little awkward

  • Is this your first pizza since your return to society? Customer : (speechless) Operator : Will there be anything else, sir? Customer : Yes, I have a coupon for a free 2 liter of Coke

  • Thank you for calling Pizza Hut ..

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